Natural Seawater is 100% natural seawater with the same ionic composition found on reef ecosystems, without any additives. Natural seawater contains all the essential and trace elements in the ideal proportions to the establishment of corals and other marine organisms. The regular use of natural seawater in your system helps to maintain the ionic balance necessary to coral growth and color enhancement.


their collection

Natural Seawater is pumped from the seashore and transferred to our facilities where it is filtered (5 micro filtration) and sterilized with UV light. This process ensures that the seawater remains with high quality for a long time. The seawater is packed in a proper opaque container to preserve biochemical proprieties of seawater until it is used.


how to use

Utilization: can be use directly in the SUMP or tank. A water change of 10% weekly or 20% every two weeks is recommended. Regular water changes help to maintain the biochemical balance of water, restoring the elements that are absorbed by corals and reducing accumulated harmful wastes.

quality control

100% natural sterilized seawater, with no additives and tested by Triton lab. Water analysis is performed in each batch of 5000Lts of water and the results can be found in www.naturalseawaterreef.com and within each package.